What is DA-Tomcat?

DA-Tomcat is an Apache Tomcat Manager plugin for DirectAdmin. This powerful plugin allows admins to manage Tomcat virtual hosts. It also allows users to manage their JSP/Servlet applications without the need of Tomcat Manager privilege. Do all of these just within DirectAdmin!

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Major Features

The features of DA-Tomcat can be categorized into 3 sections:


  • Enable/Disable JSP/Servlet access on per user/package basis
  • FULLY customizable templates
  • 100% customizable language pack
  • View version Information for JDK and Tomcat
  • Custom scripts to run before/after various tasks
  • Quality support by Global Voyage Technology
  • Unlimited upgrades and 1 year support included
  • 7 Day money back gurantee

Admin Level

  • Start/Stop/Restart Tomcat Server
  • Custom Host Container Attributes
  • Logs Viewer
  • Virtual Host Manager: Start/Stop virtual host
  • Virtual Host Manager: Add/Remove virtual host

User Level

  • Enable/Disable JSP/Servlet Access for the user domains
  • Deploy application from local WAR file/directory/XML config file
  • Bulk Deploy application from uploaded WAR file
  • List all deployed applications with their context path, display name, status and sessions count
  • Diaplay sessions information for an application
  • Start application
  • Stop application
  • Reload application
  • Undeploy application
  • Chown application (When autoDeploy is enabled, the application folder is always deployed as root)
  • View Global JNDI Resource List
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Admin Settings
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Virtual Host Manager
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Logs Viewer
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User-Level Main Page
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Displaying Session Infomation
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