What is Rails in DA (RiD)?

Rails in DA (RiD) is a DirectAdmin plugin that allows your users to manage their Ruby on Rails application in a comfort and secure environment. RiD utilizes the Mongrel Lib and provides two powerful, secure and jailed emulational "shells".

Riding Rails Made Easy

Stop the shell nightmare for your users! With the powerful features of RiD, they are able to create, delete or edit their Rails application rapidly and easily.

Phusion Passenger!

The latest version of RiD supports Phusion Passenger. A subodmain will be created along with each Rails application, and each subdomain will has its own virtualhost settings.

Ride the Best Rails

Not satisfied by the performance of CGI, sicken by the unstability of FastCGI? RiD utilizes the Mongrel Lib, which is a fast HTTP library and server for Ruby. RiD also integrates with Apache mod_proxy, that way visitors do not need to memorize the Mongrel port number.

Keep Your Server Safe

No more SSH access to your users. RiD comes with two powerful, secure and jailed emulational "shells", the Internal Shell and the External Shell. Your users can use the shells to execute preset commands (customizable), hence you don't need to grant SSH access to them.

Internal Shell

A shell that is built in the DirectAdmin interface, offers the ability to execute preset commands asap.

External Shell

Some Rails developers might feel more comfortable with a real shell environment (dark background and white text). Their best choice goes to the External Shell, which is AJAX-powered and we have made it as similar as possible to a real shell.

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Major Features

The features of RiD can be categorized into 3 sections:


  • Enable/Disable Ruby on Rails access on per user/package basis
  • FULLY customizable templates
  • 100% customizable language pack
  • View version Information for Ruby, RubGems, Rails and installed gems
  • Custom scripts to run before/after various tasks
  • Quality support by Global Voyage Technology
  • Unlimited upgrades and 1 year support included
  • 7 Day money back gurantee

Admin Level

  • Disable plugin globally
  • Disable external shell
  • Choose between CGI/FCGI, Mongrel, Passenger mode
  • Set Mongrel port range
  • Customizable command list for users to run
  • Customizable generator list for users to generate/destroy
  • Customizable mod_proxy template for Mongrel
  • Customizable "Custom HTTPD Config" template for Passenger applications
  • Logs Viewer

User Level

  • Create/Delete rails application
  • Rename application
  • Switch aplication environment (Development/production)
  • Switch mode (CGI/FCGI)
  • Internal Shell: Allows users to execute preset commands from within the DirectAdmin interface
  • External Shell: An AJAX emulation shell environment that allows users to execute preset commands
  • Start Mongrel server with options such as Timeout, Throttle, Prefix...etc
  • Stop/Restart Mongrel server
  • Stop/Restart Passenger applications
  • mod_proxy support
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Editing Application
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Logs Viewer
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